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Having seen first-hand the dedication displayed by local groups who have participated in Cash For Your Community in recent years it is, to say the least, awe inspiring. We at Enterprise pride ourselves on our founding values, working to strengthen our bonds with the communities our customers and colleagues live and work in. As a proud Shropshire resident, we are delighted to again be supporting fantastic charities and community groups throughout the region as part of the Cash For Your Community campaign.

About Enterprise Flex-E-Rent

Whether a customer needs one vehicle, one hundred or even one thousand, Enterprise Flex-E-Rent offers solutions to meet your demands. As well as providing exceptional customer service and on the road performance, we also operate the widest range of commercial vehicles for rent in the UK. We have a growing fleet of over 25,000 vehicles of all categories and classes, from car and van hire, tippers and tractor units, accessible vehicles and minibuses, and many more besides.

Enterprise Flex-E-Rent operates the best maintained commercial vehicle hire fleet in the UK, providing our customers with incredible performance on the road. We deliver proactive maintenance planning, HGV best practice methodology, and strict fleet planning policies that limit vehicle age to maintain optimum in-life performance. Our commercial vehicle fleet not only offers the widest range, but is also the most reliable.

Visit their website here - https://www.flexerent.co.uk/