Baby of the Year Frequently Asked Questions

So, what exactly is Baby & Toddler of the Year?

Baby & Toddler of the year is a competition to find pictures of the cutest children in Shropshire and mid Wales. Entry is completely free and is open to parents/guardians within the Shropshire Star and mid Wales area i.e. within the circulation area of the Shropshire Star with a child aged 5 or under. We will publish all pictures in a supplement in the Shropshire Star and they will appear on the newspaper website.

So how do I take part?

We will be holding events at The Darwin Centre in Shrewsbury between Monday May 7 to Saturday May 12 and at Telford Shopping Centre from Monday May 14 to Sunday May 20. Parents will be able to bring along their children to be photographed by our professional photographer with vast experience of capturing the perfect smile. Parents will be invited back to choose the perfect picture to appear in the supplement or one will be chosen if unable to return to choose one.

Will I be able to buy any of the photographs you take?

Yes. Packages of photos will be made available to buy to all participants. Photo packages are available from £13.

Do I need to buy a photo package to enter?

No, not at all. Buying a photo is completely optional. You can simply have your child snapped by our professional photographer and enter the competition

without buying anything. Just pick the photo you think has captured your child best when you come back to view the pictures taken and we will ensure it features in our special Baby & Toddler of the Year supplement.

What is the age limit for entry?

Children up to 5 years old can enter, age will be determined on the date the photograph is taken. Entries will be divided into four age categories: 0-9 months; 10-18 months; 19-35 months and 3-5 years old.

I have more than one child under 5, can I enter them together in one picture?

No. They need to be photographed separately.

When is the picture supplement published?

The planned date for the Baby & Toddler of the Year supplement to appear in the Shropshire Star is Thursday, June 21 2018.

Will my child’s picture appear online?

Yes. All entries will appear in the relevant Shropshire Star newspaper title in print, online or relevant Facebook/social media page for the ‘Baby & Toddler of the Year Competition’.

How are the winners decided?

We will be inviting readers to vote for their favourite picture so the people of Shropshire can decide who they think is the area's cutest Baby or Toddler. There will be a winner in each age bracket and the one with the most votes will be crowed Baby or Toddler of the Year 2018.

How do I vote?

Readers can vote using in-paper voting coupons which we will publish in-paper from Thursday, June 21, 2018 or via SMS. Readers may vote as many times as they like using newspaper vote tokens. No photocopies please. All newspaper voting tokens must arrive at the newspaper office before noon on Saturday, July 28, 2018. On occasion double and triple vote tokens will be printed in paper.

Will I be able to vote online or via Facebook?

No. There will be no Facebook or online voting. Readers can only vote using coupons printed in the newspaper, or via text.

When is the winner announced?

The winner will be announced week commencing Monday, August 6, 2018, though dates may be subject to change - so keep an eye on this for details.

What can I win?

The winner will receive in each category a cheque for £500 and the overall winner a further £250.